The TILT Team

Meet the team that built Time Machine

TILT: The Institute for Love and Time

Julia Mossbridge

PhD, Principal Investigator and Project Director
The Happy Mad Scientist

My focus in life and research is to teach and learn about love and time. I created TILT: The Institute for Love and Time to support this goal and extend this work to others.

Polly Washburn

Project Manager
The Code Wizard

Polly’s career has included project and non-profit management; web and web app development; journalism; and filmmaking.
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Amber Williams

Lead UX/UI Designer
The Visionary Seer

"I love creating harmony between people and technology."
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Khari Johnson

Software Developer
The Good Vibes Engineer

Khari is a modern web app developer who helps startups and entrepreneus that align with his mission to “make the world a better place, one interface at a time.”
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Michael Sapiro

PsyD, Clinical Psychologist and Program Consultant
The Chill Doctor

Dr. Sapiro teaches nationally on the art and science of transformation, expanded human capabilities, self-care, and meditation for personal awakening and community development.
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Time Machine is a project of TILT: The Institute for Love and Time and is supported by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation